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Lawrence’s Draft SmartCode

City of Lawrence logoA new SmartCode draft is available online at: www.lawrenceplanning.org Included with the SmartCode draft is a summary of changes to the draft. In addition, drafts of two comprehensive plan amendments related to the SmartCode are also available for review and comment.

Dan Warner, Long-Range Planner, AICP dwarner@ci.lawrence.ks.us
Planning and Development Services Department www.lawrenceplanning.org
City Hall, East 6th Street, PO Box 708 Lawrence, Kansas 66044-0708
785-832-3162. phone 785-832-3160. fax

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From Lawrence Journal World June 29th, 2007
>The Census report released Wednesday showed 59 fewer people in Lawrence this year than last year. That’s a decline of less than one tenth of one percent, but it gets the attention of local residents who are accustomed to the city’s rapid growth in recent years.

more… http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2007/jun/29/growth_factors/

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As I recall Don Huggins talked about this at a project planning meeting over a year ago. -Alison
** One in two ‘will live in cities’ **
More than half the world’s people will live in cities by 2008, mainly in developing countries, the UN says.

more <http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/in_depth/6244496.stm >

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6/21/07 SmartCode Public Meeting

Public Meeting to Seek Input Regarding SmartCode

New Tools to Encourage Mixed Use Neighborhood Development

The City of Lawrence will host a public meeting to discuss the proposed changes in the City’s development code known as SmartCode. The public meeting will be held on Thursday, June 21st from 6:30 – 8:00 PM at Holcom Park Recreation Center, 2700 West 27th Street.

The City is seeking input from developers, builders, neighborhood activists, property owners and providers of services that may be affected by changes proposed in the code. PlaceMakers’ Chad Emerson and City staff will answer questions regarding implementation, costs, and community impact. The meeting is free and open to the public and parking is free and available on site.

The SmartCode is a series of proposed changes in the Lawrence development code designed to encourage growth and development of mixed use, traditional urban neighborhoods. The draft SmartCode is the product of months of staff review and is designed to be simpler to read and more flexible.

Copies of the draft SmartCode and the PlaceMakers Charrette Report are now available online through the Lawrence Planning Department at www.lawrenceplanning.org. Individuals are encouraged to review the proposed SmartCode. Comments can be made by calling or emailing Dan Warner, Long-Range Planner at (785) 832-3162 or dwarner@ci.lawrence.ks.us.

Dan Warner, Long-Range Planner, AICP

Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Department

City Hall, East 6th Street, PO Box 708

Lawrence, Kansas 66044-0708

785-832-3162. phone

785-832-3160. fax

Alison Reber
Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance
phone 785-840-0700

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EPA, Army Corps Issue Joint Guidance to Sustain Wetlands Protection under Supreme Court Decision

(Washington, D.C. – June 5, 2007) Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued joint guidance for their field offices to ensure America’s wetlands and other water bodies are protected under the Clean Water Act (CWA). This action reinforces the Bush Administration’s commitment to protect and enhance the quality of our nation’s wetlands and water bodies.

“The Bush Administration is committed to protecting wetlands and streams under the Clean Water Act and Supreme Court decisions,” said Benjamin H. Grumbles, EPA’s assistant administrator for Water. “Today’s action sends a clear signal we’ll use our regulatory tools to meet the president’s ambitious wetlands goals.”

“We are committed to protecting America’s aquatic resources under the Clean Water Act and in accordance with the recent Supreme Court decision,” said John Paul Woodley Jr., assistant secretary of the Army (Civil Works). “This interagency guidance will enable the agencies to make clear, consistent, and predictable jurisdictional determinations. The results, once posted on agency Web sites, will document how the scope of the Clean Water Act jurisdiction is being determined.”

EPA and Corps staff will also use the guidance when taking enforcement actions under the CWA. The guidance clarifies those circumstances where a person may need to obtain a CWA Section 404 permit before conducting activities in wetlands, tributaries, and other waters. Individual tribal, state and local laws, regulations, or policies may further protect aquatic water resources.

The guidance is consistent with the Supreme Court’s decision in the consolidated cases Rapanos v. United States and Carabell v. United States regarding the scope of the agencies’ jurisdiction under the CWA. Specifically, this guidance discusses the agencies’ protection of three classes of waters through the following actions:

    1. Continuing to regulate “traditionally navigable waters,” including all rivers and other waters that are large enough to be used by boats that transport commerce and any wetlands adjacent to such waters;
    2. Continuing to regulate “non-navigable tributaries that are relatively permanent and wetlands that are physically connected to these tributaries”; and
    3. Continuing to regulate based on case-by-case determinations for other tributaries and adjacent wetlands that have certain characteristics that significantly affect traditionally navigable waters.

The guidance supports a strong regulatory program that ensures no net loss of wetlands, which is one of three key elements to the Bush Administration wetlands policy. The other two elements include an active management program that will result in the restoration, enhancement and protection of three million acres of wetlands by 2009 and a commitment to conserve isolated wetlands such as prairie potholes.

During the first six months implementing the guidance, the agencies are inviting public comments on case studies and experiences applying the guidance. Upon publication of the notice of availability in the Federal Register, comments can be submitted to docket EPA-HQ-OW-2007-0282 through www.regulations.gov. The agencies will more broadly consider jurisdictional issues, including additional clarification and definition of key terminology, through rulemaking or other appropriate policy practice.

Contact Information: EPA, Jessica Emond, (202) 564-4355 / emond.jessica@epa.gov; Army Corps, David Hewitt, (202) 761-1807 / david.w.hewitt@usace.army.mil
More information : epa.gov/owow/wetlands/guidance/CWAwaters.html

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This is the link to the page:

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Lawrence Journal-World / Sediment growing problem at Clinton

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