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Streamkeeper Video The Adopt-A-Stream Foundation,1996. Starring Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”. A video companion The Streamkeeper’s Field Guide. 1997 Winner of Environmental Media’s “Best Educational Video” award, the Streamkeeper is a great training tool. Designed in three parts to pique watershed interest on the part of students and community groups. In Part I, the Science Guy takes the viewer into a watershed and demonstrates the hydrologic cycle, how to define watershed boundaries and how streams flow. Part 2, he introduces viewers to inventorying and monitoring the physical, biological, chemical, as well as social and political characteristics of streams. In Part III, viewers learn how to take action. 26:58 minutes.

FindArticles – The Streamkeeper. – video recording reviews

Sierra, Nov-Dec, 1997, by Lisa Gross

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(Kansas City, Kan., May 30, 2007) – EPA has approved all of the provisions of the new and revised Kansas water quality standards submitted to EPA by the state. The approved provisions are now effective for implementation under the Clean Water Act.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) submitted new and revised Kansas surface water quality standards to EPA for review and approval last year, as required by the Clean Water Act.

Under the Act, states must review their water quality standards every three years or sooner and submit new or revised standards to EPA.

EPA recognizes KDHE for its work in preparing the water quality standards revisions.

With this action, EPA is approving the following provisions of the new or revised water quality standards:

  • 227 bodies of water newly designated for swimming that must be protected for that use
  • 314 bodies of water newly designated for fishing and wading that must be protected for those uses
  • 90 bodies of water newly designated for uses such as drinking water supply, irrigation, and livestock watering that must be protected for such uses
  • The removal of 62 bodies of water from those classified as “waters of the state” or “waters of the United States” because they do not meet certain factors, such as the Kansas requirement for a minimum flow in a stream

* Our May 30 decision letter provides a more detailed description of EPA’s review and the basis for this action.
Contact Information: Martin Kessler, (913) 551-7236, kessler.martin@epa.gov

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Coon Creek Cub Scouts Compilation

Early in May these hearty Webelos planted 75 trees out at a very wet Coon Creek wetland area. This is the first spring since the wetland development phase was completed – we’re excited to see the cells full of water! There’s more pictures of Coon Creek at flickr.

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Mr. Scott Peltier’s Concordia Junior High School science classes visited the Republican River on September 22nd & 23rd of 2003. Jeff Severin & Alison Reber with the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance/Kansas StreamLink Program met with students on site. (See sampling images on the flora and fauna page.)

**Listen to a student discussion on their community, the river, and their hopes for the future. (interview by Alison Reber; edited for length, volume is still very variable)**

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