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 This is one of our favorites!  We have a few extra copies available Р$10 apiece.

Streamkeeper Video The Adopt-A-Stream Foundation,1996. Starring Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”. A video companion The Streamkeeper’s Field Guide. 1997 Winner of Environmental Media’s “Best Educational Video” award, the Streamkeeper is a great training tool. Designed in three parts to pique watershed interest on the part of students and community groups. In Part I, the Science Guy takes the viewer into a watershed and demonstrates the hydrologic cycle, how to define watershed boundaries and how streams flow. Part 2, he introduces viewers to inventorying and monitoring the physical, biological, chemical, as well as social and political characteristics of streams. In Part III, viewers learn how to take action. 26:58 minutes.

FindArticles – The Streamkeeper. – video recording reviews

Sierra, Nov-Dec, 1997, by Lisa Gross

City of Lawrence logoA new SmartCode draft is available online at: www.lawrenceplanning.org Included with the SmartCode draft is a summary of changes to the draft. In addition, drafts of two comprehensive plan amendments related to the SmartCode are also available for review and comment.

Dan Warner, Long-Range Planner, AICP dwarner@ci.lawrence.ks.us
Planning and Development Services Department www.lawrenceplanning.org
City Hall, East 6th Street, PO Box 708 Lawrence, Kansas 66044-0708
785-832-3162. phone 785-832-3160. fax

Wetland Learners Fall 2007 Wetland Learners November 2007 Rebecca Foster, intern, works with a small group of 6th grade girls from New York Elementary.

We had an excellent brainstorming session on October 23rd. Many thanks
to everyone who took part. The minutes are posted on the Dragonfly
County Google Group. http://groups.google.com/group/dragonflycounty/web/planning-10-23-2007
We’re moving forward on several of the fronts discussed at the meeting._________________

Attendance 10/23/07 Travis Boley – Association Manager for Oregon-California Trails
Jeanne Klein* – Director of Kansas University Theater for Young
Carey Maynard-Moody* – V-President & Chair
of Water Quality for Sierra Club Wakarusa Group
Patty Ogle – City of Lawrence
Storm Water Quality Technician
Rex Powell* – Education Chair for Jayhawk Audubon Society,
President of Grassland Heritage
Alison Reber* – Executive Director of
Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance, Coordinator
of Internships for WWL project
Stan Roth* – Wildlife
& Parks,
Kansas Biological Survey
Sandy Sanders – Education Committee of
Jayhawk Audubon Society, Coordinator of Schools and Facilitators for WWL project
Anthea Scoufas – Director of Education & Outreach for
Lied Center of Kansas
Randy Stout – Coordinator
of Research & Development for
Kansas Board of Regents’ Kan-Ed project


Recently KVHA worked with several partners to launch a project called “Wetland Learners“.

Field trips are provided for 6th graders in the Lawrence area. The trips are facilitated community and partner volunteers as well as Wetland Learner Interns.

Post-secondary students in a range of disciplines are recruited for internships.

There’s more pictures of Wetland Learner events at flickr.