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Lawrence’s Draft SmartCode

City of Lawrence logoA new SmartCode draft is available online at: www.lawrenceplanning.org Included with the SmartCode draft is a summary of changes to the draft. In addition, drafts of two comprehensive plan amendments related to the SmartCode are also available for review and comment.

Dan Warner, Long-Range Planner, AICP dwarner@ci.lawrence.ks.us
Planning and Development Services Department www.lawrenceplanning.org
City Hall, East 6th Street, PO Box 708 Lawrence, Kansas 66044-0708
785-832-3162. phone 785-832-3160. fax

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City of Lawrence Charrette

Charette Report (http://www.lawrenceplanning.org/documents/CharretteReport.pdf)

The City is seeking input from developers, builders, neighborhood activists, property owners and providers of services that may be affected by changes proposed in the code.  The SmartCode is a series of proposed changes in the Lawrence development code designed to encourage growth and development of mixed use, traditional urban neighborhoods. The draft SmartCode is the product of months of staff review and is designed to be simpler to read and more flexible.

Copies of the draft SmartCode and the PlaceMakers Charrette Report are now available online through the Lawrence Planning Department at www.lawrenceplanning.org. Individuals are encouraged to review the proposed SmartCode. Comments can be made by calling or emailing Dan Warner, Long-Range Planner at (785) 832-3162 or dwarner@ci.lawrence.ks.us.

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