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Activity-Based Consequential Learning (by doing!)

Stan Herd Pollinator Stamp

At Pendleton’s Market “Pollination Station” celebration of crop artist Stan Herd’s USPS-66044 Swallowtail Stamp, we found a Freedom’s Frontier prescription (Rx) for Wes Jackson’s Eco-Futures description (Dx) of “vision without sight/site.” WakarUSAWatershedPollinationStation Pix

– Boardmember Bob Burkhart


Pendleton’s Market Map to Pendleton’s
1446 E. 1850 Rd., Lawrence, KS 66046 Phone: 785-843-1409



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From The Topeka Capitol Journal July 8, 2007 The first-ever handfishing season in Kansas opened June 15 and will run through the end of August. Two locations are open to handfishing:

1) the Arkansas River from the John Mack Bridge on Broadway Street in Wichita downstream to the Kansas-Oklahoma border and,

2) the Kansas River from its origin downstream to its confluence with the Missouri River.

Flathead catfish are the only species legal to take and a special permit is required ($27.15), in addition to a regular fishing license. For more information, see www.kdwp.state.ks.us.

Marc Murrell

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From The Topeka Capital-Journal July 8, 2007

>>Imagine wading through waist or even chest-deep water, feeling with your feet and hands as you go. You encounter a hole and your heart rate quickens. You take a deep breath and submerge to the entrance of the hole, sticking your hand slowly inside. All of a sudden and without warning, a huge catfish chomps on your hand and the battle is on. Sound like fun? Depending on your perspective it could be, but most people have another word for it.

“Different areas of the country call it different things,” said Fostana Jenkins of the typical terminology of fishing with your hands. “Some call it noodling, tickling, hogging, grabbling, but the number one thing is probably CRAZY!”

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