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KAWS Wetland and Stream Conference Sept 20 – 2, 2007

Overland Park Sherraton

Features National Wetland Experts

“Patrick Parenteau, Professor of Environmental Law, Vermont Law School, is the featured speaker at the Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams, Inc. (KAWS) Conference to be held on September 20-22, 2007 at the Overland Park Sheraton,” said Tim Christian, state coordinator. “Parenteau’s talk entitled “Where’s Waldo? Jurisdictional Determinations in the Wake of Rapanos” should offer new insights into the issue of how isolated wetlands fit jurisdictionally in Kansas and across the nation. Professor Parenteau is a nationally recognized expert on wildlife and endangered species, wetlands, water quality, public lands, and NEPA.”

Additionally, KAWS is holding a panel discussion on Friday morning relative to the Rapanos decision
that will include Dr. Parenteau, Russell Kaiser, US Army Corps of Engineers; US Environmental Protection Agency; and representatives of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Christian continued. Russell Kaiser, US ACE, began working on
environmental issues, including wetland permitting and compliance issues, with the Corps of Engineers in the early-1990s. He is a foremost authority on Clean Water Act jurisdiction within the Corpsof Engineers and conferred with the Assistant Secretary to the Army and the President’s Council on Environmental Quality over the whole year between the Supreme Court (Rapanos vs. Carabell) decision and the Guidance issuance.

The concurrent sessions on Friday will cover a host of relevant topics including Using Assessments
to Gauge Needs and Treatments, Making Conservation Buffers Work, The Technology Behind On-the-Ground Practices,
and Hot Resource Topics…including Ethanol and Cellulosic Production – Impacts on the Resource, 2007 Floods Coffeyville and beyond, and Floodplain Management.

A diverse slate of speakers is lined up to deliver the information all afternoon, said Christian.

Saturday’s format is set up for training and attendees will be able to acquire continuing education
credits in our Wetland, Stream and Riparian Area Sessions. Those include Stream Stabilization vs. Restoration, Riparian Area Restoration, Naturally Developed Parks and Urban Areas, and Rain Gardens and Other Bio-Retention Practices. Several key speakers to note are Ted Spaid, ASLA, CLARB, a principal and co-founder of SWT Design in St. Louis, Missouri. He will be talking about naturally developed parks and urban areas. Another is Robert E. Pitt, P.E., Ph.D., D. WRE, DEE, currently the Cudworth Professor of Urban Water Systems at the University of Alabama, and authority on urban best management practices.

KAWS works with local people to create, protect and restore Kansas’ wetland and stream resources.
Organized in 1996, KAWS is a 501.C.3. educational public charity reaching a broad spectrum of individuals, groups, and governments to improve the wetlands and streams they own or control.

KAWS provides its services through 12 local chapters that cover the entire state.

For more information on the conference speakers, agenda, sponsors and exhibitors, to register,
or to find out more about KAWS, go to
www.kaws.org, or call 785-425-7325.


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The latest newsletter is now digitally available in all it’s 12 page glory.

Many moons ago writing for a fall 2006 newsletter began. Somewhere along the way we decided that one big newsletter might be a manageable way to demonstrate the breadth of the organization. It took a while but we finally got the whole thing written, formatted, printed, folded, and addressed. Ideally we would have been able to send out many more copies but limited funds have meant limiting many things. Don’t let the January 2007 print date deter you from enjoying the contents of this impressive publication. It’s a keeper.

PS We could definitely use a hand getting the future newsletters produced. Contributions of elbow grease or dollars would be fantastic.

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Coon Creek Cub Scouts Compilation

Early in May these hearty Webelos planted 75 trees out at a very wet Coon Creek wetland area. This is the first spring since the wetland development phase was completed – we’re excited to see the cells full of water! There’s more pictures of Coon Creek at flickr.

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A snow-filled channel through a freshly constructed stormwater retention “wetland”. The mock wetlands are east of the Haskell campus and northeast of the Baker/Haskell Wakarusa Wetlands. Haskell Indian Nations University Ecology students are using the area to study stormwater outflows from different types of wetland areas. A major interest is how to integrate green infrastructure with environmental needs such as habitat restoration. The wetland slows stormwater from the north and then drains south into a tributary of the Wakarusa River.

A Rails-to-Trails walking trail runs along the east side of the wetland.

These projects are part of the Kansas StreamLink program in cooperation with the City of Lawrence, HINU, and the Jayhawk Audubon Society. Funding for StreamLink is provided in part by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the United States EPA.

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