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Catfish Cookies Book CoverCatfish Cookies Reading & Signing, October 6th, 2007Barbara Higgins-Dover, author of the recent children’s book Catfish Cookies, will present a reading and signing at Oread Books. The author will present a short activity for children based on themes from the book, followed by the reading.

Date: October 06, 2007
Time: 10:30AM – 12:00PM
Location: Oread Books, Kansas Union
Department: KU Memorial Unions

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Activity-Based Consequential Learning (by doing!)

Stan Herd Pollinator Stamp

At Pendleton’s Market “Pollination Station” celebration of crop artist Stan Herd’s USPS-66044 Swallowtail Stamp, we found a Freedom’s Frontier prescription (Rx) for Wes Jackson’s Eco-Futures description (Dx) of “vision without sight/site.” WakarUSAWatershedPollinationStation Pix

– Boardmember Bob Burkhart


Pendleton’s Market Map to Pendleton’s
1446 E. 1850 Rd., Lawrence, KS 66046 Phone: 785-843-1409



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The latest newsletter is now digitally available in all it’s 12 page glory.

Many moons ago writing for a fall 2006 newsletter began. Somewhere along the way we decided that one big newsletter might be a manageable way to demonstrate the breadth of the organization. It took a while but we finally got the whole thing written, formatted, printed, folded, and addressed. Ideally we would have been able to send out many more copies but limited funds have meant limiting many things. Don’t let the January 2007 print date deter you from enjoying the contents of this impressive publication. It’s a keeper.

PS We could definitely use a hand getting the future newsletters produced. Contributions of elbow grease or dollars would be fantastic.

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Barbara Higgins-Dover is scheduled to do a book reading and signing at Lawrence Public Library on July 28. The Raven bookstore will be there and available to sell them at that time. You might want to mark that on your calendar.

Also, her first magazine article has been published with Womens Focus. It is titled, “Three Easy Ways to Get Out of Town.” She refers to Lawrence hiking and biking trails, Legends are in KC and Elms Resort and Spa in Excelsior Springs. You can go online to see it at www.womensfocusmagazine.com.

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Can digital technologies and storytelling facilitate community-based education?

Spinning yarns around the digital fire

…Storytelling brings people together in a common perspective, and stretches everyone’s capacity to empathize with others and share experience” [3]….. Collaborative and group–based activities can promote prosocial behavior, or “positive social interaction skills such as cooperation, sharing, kindness, helping, showing affection and verbalizing feelings” [10]…. This increasing awareness of the importance of communities in learning environments includes ways to use computers and technology in order to encourage collaboration [11]. In what ways can digital technologies (in particular the Internet) add new dimensions to dialogue, storytelling, or collaboration?

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KVHA is pleased to announce the release of Catfish Cookies, the first in a new community storytelling series called River Roots. The primary author, Barbara Higgins-Dover, shares a bit of family river history with the readers. Alison Reber, the book’s editor, wrote several environmental history pieces. StreamLink’s Gabrielle Iversen illustrated the book using original watercolor paintings.  See the website http://www.catfishcookies.org  
for a listing of location the book is available or to purchase the book online.

Catfish Cookies compliments a river history exhibit at the University of Kansas’ Dyche Natural History Museum, and is being used as a spring board for discussion about river protection. Recordings and web-based extensions are planned.

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little science, a little history, and a little fish named Rippler. See the Kansas (Kaw) River through the eyes of a young and timid blue catfish. He dodges Stinky and Slimy, two bullying channel cats and befriends the biggest cat in the Kaw – a flathead known as “King Catfish.” Read the story and learn some more about the real catfish, the places they live, and the people who know them. There’s even an authentic Kaw Valley recipe for catfish cookies.
$12 book, $3 shipping & handling

Author Barbara Higgins-Dover
Illustrator Gabrielle Iversen
River Roots Editor Alison Reber
Lawrence, Kansas 2007
ISBN 0-9790209-0-5

River Roots books are productions of the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance.


Catfish Cookies is beautifully illustrated using original watercolor paintings. Among other things, the book includes a piece about making peanut butter cookies with catfish rennet. An underwater short story about a young blue cat, a pair of channel cat bullies, and a royal flathead is augmented by several environmental history pieces.

While Catfish Cookies is general enough to be any river in the Midwest, the Kansas (Kaw) River below Bowersock Dam sets the scene. This area has a rich fishing history yet is also a place people often associate with river pollution. Catfish Cookies compliments a river history exhibit at the University of Kansas‘ Dyche Natural History Museum, and is being used as a spring board for discussion about river protection. By design the book gives readers a way to connect abstract concepts like self-determination and heritage alongside community and environmental awareness.


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